PlusOne gives patients the ability to get a Second Opinion from world-renowned experts. You can also request to receive our services through your treating doctor or our Case Managers who are qualified physicians themselves. Get your Second Opinion by starting here Ask PlusOne Expert Our team will get back to you within two business days.

You can get a second (or third, or more) opinion for many reasons. The American Cancer Society mentions the following reasons given by people: You want to know about other possible choices for treatment You are diagnosed with a rare or unusual disease You’re having communication issues with your doctor or you want someone else to explain to you your diagnosis and treatment options

Currently, PlusOne provides access to top-notch world-leading experts in Oncology, Neurology, Orthopedics and Gynecology. We are working diligently to add more specialties of other critical conditions very soon.

Assuming all relevant data, scans and reports were uploaded correctly and fully at the time of requesting the Second Opinion, the Second Opinion will be provided to the patient within 7 business days.

In case of further clarifications required from the Second Opinion providers, a window of 14 consecutive days are there to submit further questions.

This depends greatly on the consultant selected as well as the case complexity, our case managers can help you with such estimations,