It is a platform that assists patients in Africa and the Middle East in getting a Medical Second Opinion from world-renowned experts.

Medical Second Opinion is a necessity to confirm the initial diagnosis and protect against medical error. It is also essential to review the treatment plan. The second opinion becomes an absolute necessity in the following cases: 
• Patient is guided to perform a surgery or major procedure
• The cost of treatment is high and patient wants to make sure he is on the right track
• High risk or life-threatening diseases
• Rare diseases
• Having several medical illnesses
• Your doctor sees you are not responding to treatment
• Before traveling abroad for treatment

How can I use PlusOne services?

Get your medical second opinion by clicking here: ASK PLUSONE EXPERT.

Once you complete your request, a member of PlusOne team will contact you within 24 hours. Our team of healthcare professionals will walk the patient through the process of uploading their medical files and will match the patient case with the most suitable international expert. 

• PlusOne has access to more than 280 expert physician specialists representing all specialties and subspecialties. 
• Our case managers ensure you are connected to the best expert for your case. 
• We streamline the process for the optimal healthcare results for our patients. 
• Patients who used our services say they have never spoken to a doctor for this long or understood their condition so clearly.

• Understand a new or chronic disease diagnosis and treatment options.
• Learn about new breakthrough treatments and trials specific to your condition that may not be known by a local provider.
• Understand if a recommended surgery is the best option and understand alternative options.

The Second Opinion will be provided to the patient within 7 business days. All relevant data, scans and reports has to be uploaded correctly and fully at the time of requesting the Second Opinion. Our team can help you with this.

There is a window of 14 consecutive days following receiving the second opinion for submitting any further questions or inquiries.

Service cost depends greatly on the expert selected, consultation type (written report, Video Call Consultation or Multidisciplinary team), as well as the case complexity. Our patient experience specialist and case managers help you with the estimation.

Once we receive confirmation to proceed with your consultation, Service fees invoice are issued, Service fees should be paid in advance, and to ease the process PlusOne offers door-to-door cash collection service.

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